24 hour opening returns

Ian Britton © FreeFoto.com

Photographer: Ian Britton © FreeFoto.com

The Adsetts Centre and Collegiate Learning Centre will now be open 24 hours a day during the week, closing only on Friday and Saturday nights, until 25th March.

Access after 9.00pm will require showing your SHUcard.

For full details of opening times see Learning Centre opening hours

As ever, you will continue to be able to access electronic books and journals 24/7 through the Library Gateway.

4 thoughts on “24 hour opening returns

  1. Dear Sir,
    I think most of the students, especially Overseas students are in need to engage the learning center at night during Fri and Sat. Students prefer to attend it at Fri and Sat nights becuase they would have more time to do further reading , and some can use the days to work.

    I wish if you could adjust the working hours , and help us to use this chance.

    Many thanks


  2. Dear Sir,
    The people on placements away from sheffield need the learning centre on these nights, its the only time they can use it until they have to go all the way back to their placements again.
    it would be much appreciated if something could be done about this

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comments.

      The University has a range of extended opening schemes for Learning Centres. We currently run overnight opening for 29 key weeks of the year, we have late night opening during the summer and use the scheme to open Learning Centres at Easter and Christmas and new Year when the rest of the University is closed. The scheme runs at both the Adsetts Centre and Collegiate Learning Centre.

      We have been running the 24 hr opening scheme for 10 years and have consistently closed on Friday and Saturday nights. When the scheme was established the opening arrangements were agreed with a number of agencies including the Police who advised against Friday and Saturday opening, particularly at Adsetts due to its City Centre location. We review the arrangements annually and have continued with this practice. This means that we open usually until 6.00pm on Fridays and the 10am – 5.00pm on Saturdays before we open continuously from 10.00am Sundays until 6.00pm the following Friday night.

      The scheme is funded via the University and the budget to do this is not unlimited. Without additional funding opening Friday and Saturday evenings would mean a reduction of weeks when the scheme could operate. In general we feel it is better to spread the service over a greater number of weeks as this gives a greater benefit to our users. We will again review opening arrangements when the scheme is reviewed and plans made for opening in 2010.

      In terms of advertising the opening hours these are directly available to all users via the Web site which documents opening arrangements at both campuses.

      I hope this helps


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